About Us.


Brave Innovations was Established in the year of 2015 to provide quality Services to Customers in the innovation/beautification of buildings. The Business idea is to provide owners of buildings and Construction Company’s optimal, high quality and flexible building solutions.

Our objective is to fulfill the high expectations of our clients in terms of long term economy, short construction period, and good architecture of buildings. With a professional approach towards every single work, regardless of the size or complexity of the project, our commitment to quality and on-time completion remains unchanged.


When four professionals joined hands, the blueprint for our best innovation came to life. Based in Kochi, BRAVE brings to the table a simpler understanding of your woes with a practical solution. It takes more than a degree to brace yourself to what the world has to offer.

Comprising a workforce brimming with youth, we face the challenge head-on to bring a smile to our client’s faces. The quality of our work helped us associate with renowned brands like Lulu Group International, CIPET, Grand Hyatt, Kochi Marriott Hotel, Crowne plaza Kochi, Somatheeram beach resort.

Be bold. Be BRAVE.

Our Story.





The main objective of Brave is to achieve continuous satisfaction and confidence from clients in the beautification of buildings and the proprietary income with the help of the effective activity of employees.

The environmental objective of BRAVE is to produce and market building materials in an environmentally sustainable and effective manner to assure the preservation of ecological values. Focusing on quality, environment, and work environment is at the central point of the company’s business activity.


Some people are the best versions of themselves in their cubicles. Some at their man caves or little nests. However, what they all have in common is BRAVE. One feels at ease with themselves when their environment lets them be.

We at BRAVE understand that. We help you bring to life your little world in this gigantic world. We want you to brave that world at your own pace.

Be your own hero. Be BRAVE.

Our Mission.



Our Vision.


The owners, management, and employees will use all their efforts to create an organization where:

  • All Employees are highly motivated and skilled, with a clear sense of direction.

  • The technology infrastructure makes us more effective than our competition.

  • Our buildings and facilities offer both staff and customers an attractive environment in which to do business.

  • Our buildings and facilities offer both staff and customers an attractive environment in which to do business.